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Why does my Internet seem slow?

First we need to determine what is causing the slowness. Often this can be caused by your computer and or your wireless router. It is a good idea to try power cycling all the computer equipment at your home first. This is done by unplugging the AIS power box (this can be found where the black wire comes into the house), wireless router if you have one. Now plug them back in after you have waited about 20 seconds from being unplugged. Lastly, rebooting your computer. First let’s see what speeds you are truly getting?

Please go to this site and let us know the results?

Speed Test (Current Link does not work
Speed Test

If you didn’t notice it is our phone number so it is easy to remember.

Speed Test Information

  • It will give you two results: Download and Upload
  • Please make sure all other computers or devices using the internet are off before starting the test
  • Click on the “Begin Test” It will then run the test.
  • Once you have the results, please open a support ticket and tell us what the “download” and “upload” speeds are.
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