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NAT Strict Xbox 360 or Playstation

If you are seeing an issue with your NAT on Xbox or Playstation gaming device do the following to open these ports up for most and all games.

*These settings will only help our (Affordable Internet Solutions) customers only. If you have another Internet provider, this worksheet will not work for you.

  1. Set your WAN (Internet side NOT LAN) on your router to the following address
    • Your router is normally set to DHCP mode. You will need to set “static” address instead of DHCP
    • *IP Address*
    • *Subnet*
    • *Gateway*
    • *DNS1*
    • *DNS2*
    • If you are not sure how to change these settings you can google how to for your specific router.
  2. Disable UPnP in your router setings. Every router is different so you will need to google how to do this with your router brand. Example if you have NETGEAR router – google “netgear disable UPnp”
  3. Set your playstation or XBOX to a static address in your network. You will need to find out what “IP Range” your rotuer uses. Most routers use 192.168.1.x You can look up on another device in your home and see what the IP address is. If your IP address on a laptop is – example This will tell you, you have 192.168.1.x range If you laptop shows This will tell you, you have 192.168.0.x range and so on. Once you find this out, then set your gaming device to 192.168.x.50.
  4. Go back to the settings in your router and “Turn on DMZ” It will ask what address to DMZ to. put in the address you set your gaming device too. Example
  5. Once you have this setup – you will need to fill out a support ticket to let us know to also open up ports for you.

Affordable Internet Solutions does not “support” your local network. This is only a help guide to point you in the right direction. For any futher assistance we have a $55.00/hour charge.

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